2007 Toyota Tundra NASCAR Race Truck – SOLD

SOLD – SOLD – This vehicle has previously sold. Please contact us to find another for you.

CAR: Toyota Tundra NASCAR Race Truck

BODY: Racing Pickup 


MECHANICAL: 350 Chevrolet 





2007 Toyota Tundra NASCAR Camping World race truck, Driven by Steven Wallace, Pole Winner, Race Winner, built by Baldwin Motorsports. Currently prepped as the team pit stop practice truck and for show purposes – but – with an overhaul could be easily set up for Vintage or even current GT/T1 racing.

350 Chevy with an automatic although the clutch pedal and master are still there to easily convert back to manual.

The truck is currently prepped for pitstop practices and has a second “fuel tank” – actually set up for water so the crew can practice. The actual fuel tank is the full size original plumbed to a separate filler.

We have installed a shortened left front upper control arm and have the suspension cranked so the truck will turn right. It still has the weight jacker system in place. The harness is recent and has a year left on it.

You could easily have this on track fast – a lot of fun for not a lot of money.

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