About John Safro Investment Cars

John began restoring and building custom cars in the mid seventies. Racing time trails and SCCA auto crossing were also added to his NADA Northwood Institute Automotive Marketing Major.

By 1989, John was racing SCCA Nationals with his ’87 MR2 while managing his first classic car lot. Restorations, classic car sales and racing have been a major part of his life and career.

John saw the need for the spec racing series Legends Cars in the upper mid-west quickly becoming the #2 national dealer his first year out. (Only Charlotte Motor Speedway, home of the series, beat him.) His Legends Cars Series ran on asphalt & dirt ovals, road courses, drag strips and even ice! Running the dealership & series involved sales, service, parts sales, creating a race schedule, tech, promotion, and a driving school program. The height of it included 64 races, 23 local schools, 36 nation wide schools, all of this while selling, promoting and racing himself! The Legends dealership was sold in 2000 and is still running strong!

The current focus of John Safro Investment Cars is classic car sales and vintage racing.

"Please contact me and let me know how I can help you with your classic car needs." 

John Safro

John Safro racing Allard K1