1948 Allard M-Series Drophead Coupe – SOLD

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CAR: 1948 M-Series

BODY: Drophead Coupe Burgundy

INTERIOR: Burgundy

MECHANICAL: 221ci Ford Flathead V-8 3 Speed Manual


ODOMETER: 58,643




221ci Ford Flathead V-8
Single 2-Barrel Carburetor
90bhp at 3,800rpm
3-Speed Manual Transmission
Independent Front and Transverse Leaf Spring Suspension
4-Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes

*Known history from new
*Owned and restored by Allard enthusiast Brian Sharp
*Excellent car for vintage rallies and driving events
*Legendary Ford Flathead V8


Using a crashed Ford V8 coupe on to which he had grafted the body from a Grand Prix Bugatti, racing driver Sydney Allard constructed one of the most unlikely of all pre-war trials specials. Nevertheless, the Allard Special’s lightweight construction and relatively powerful American V8 engine, although not the first such combination, demonstrated the formula’s potential and provided the inspiration for future imitators, including Carroll Shelby who acknowledged Allard’s influence on the Cobra.

After WW2, Allard progressed from special builder to motor manufacturer, though the latter activity was really little more than a means of financing the company’s competition program. Allard’s post-war cars combined the same virtues of lightweight, independent front suspension and an abundance of American V8 power, which had been features of that first trials special of the mid-1930s. These favorable characteristics enabled Allard to establish a formidable competition record in the immediate post-war years. Despite its small size and limited resources, Allard’s achievements were legion, Sydney himself finishing 3rd at Le Mans in a J2 sports-racer and winning outright at the Monte Carlo Rally in a P-Type saloon.

Introduced in 1947, the M-type (retrospectively M1) was a more civilized version of the contemporary L model and employed Allard’s trademark independently suspended ‘split’ front axle and transverse-leaf rear end in a chassis 6″ longer than that of the K-type – the extra length being used to accommodate two rear passenger seats. Like the vast majority of production Allard’s, the M used Ford components, which were readily obtainable from Ford in the UK, its engine being the Blue Oval’s famous 3,622cc ‘flat head’ V8. Approximately 500 examples were produced between 1947 and 1950.


This particular M-series was completed at the Clapham works in 1948. The car was originally sold in London to a Mr. Thomas Oliver Wacher of Canterbury, Kent, England. Mr. Wacher would proudly own the Allard until 1972, at which point he would transfer ownership to his son-in-law, Mr. J.W. Mannington of Marden. The Mannington family would lovingly care for the car for the next 16 years, until passing it along to noted Allard collector, Brian Sharp in 1988.

Mr. Sharp chose to completely restore the car over the next several years to its original factory specifications. This included building a new ash frame for the bodywork and rebuilding all mechanical components. In 1998 the restored M-series was purchased by Larry Young, who has thoroughly enjoyed using the car for various events – most notably a tour from Wales to the Scottish Highlands – a trip in which the Allard performed flawlessly. Soon after, the car was brought to the United States. In March of 2021 the M1 traded hands to Allard collector John Safro. Mr Safro was drawn to this Allard for the striking water-fall grill, condition, Flathead Ford Engine, and completely documented history. The seats have been professionally re-stuffed and Drophead Top expertly upholstered in 2022.

The Allard Speedometer now reads 58,643 Miles.

The car has recently been inspected and remains in very good order. Finished in burgundy red with matching burgundy leather, its presentation is quite striking. The car drives very well and handles effortlessly, thanks in large part to its independent front suspension. The engine shows excellent oil pressure and has great power output. It is believed that only 5,000 miles have been covered since the car was expertly restored in the late 1980’s. The car will be sold with the following spares: a Solex 30 AAPI carb, a Lucas crab style distributor, and a CAV type 75-BTX voltage regulator. Many supporting documents proving the lineage and provenance of this car.

In recent years there has been an increase in enthusiasm for all of Sydney Allard’s creations. The cars express a unique panache of style, reliable USA derived power and superb handling. This example would be a welcome participant in vintage rallies, tours, and shows.


The opportunity to acquire this well documented M-series should not be missed.

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